HostGator Coupon Codes 2012


There are two types of HostGator coupon codes for 2012.

“HOSTGATOR12” saves you $9.94 on your order. “CHEAP25OFF” saves you 25% on your order.

The $9.94 coupon codes make the “Baby” hosting plan (UNLIMITED Domains, Disk Space, and Bandwidth) only $0.01 for the first month.

The 25% off coupons save you 25% on your total order and are best used if your order total is greater than $40.

These are the coupons we have verified to give you the maximum discount as of :

$9.94 Discount Coupon Codes

  • gatorhost2012
  • cheaphost2012
  • hostgator12
  • 1pennygator
  • gatorbargain
  • cheapogator
  • hostgatorwp

25% Off Coupon Codes

  • cheap25off
  • giantsaver
  • new25discount
  • 25offsaver

How Does HostGator Reseller Hosting Work?

One of the products offered by world-renowned web hosts HostGator is reseller hosting, but what does that mean?

Reseller hosting is the business practice where a company operates as a facilitator for third party companies to find web space. This is not fraud. The web space being offered by the reseller is still the reseller’s web space, they are just choosing to split it into portions and resell it to individual third parties who need it.

Standard domain and web hosting is not an option for reseller companies because they need specific control over their server area. On standard web hosting, it is not possible to access the disk space directly and manipulated it into segregated sections for each third party. Unlike web hosting where email accounts and domain are all registered under a single company’s or professional’s details, reseller hosting allows the reseller to store their own email and domain account on their server area, but also individual domains and email accounts for each third party buyer.

With such complicated processes needing to be completed, HostGator reseller hosting offers the client both WHM and cPanel as control panels for their IT needs. This provides them with the options of customization that the client and their third parties will require. For example, cPanel has the ability to install add-ons onto its operating program to allow a greater degree of domain design and summarizing of web traffic and site performance.

A crucial feature of HostGator’s reseller service is their customer service. In itself, they are offering a course of assistance that gives unparalleled levels of maintenance. Not only is the client able to offer server space to third parties, but also they do not have to pay fees and worry about the maintenance and performance levels of the server. HostGator employs a team of skilled technicians to maintain the servers to maximum performance levels. The hardware of the servers is so up-to-date that HostGator promises a 99.9% uptime, meaning that the domains and emails will be active and accessible any time of day, every day.

If the service plan becomes inadequate for your needs, there is always the option to upgrade. For instance, if your business as a reseller grows beyond your expectations and the server space can no longer meet with your client’s needs then a brief phone call to HostGator (the call center itself is based at their registered address in Dallas) can get you an upgrade on your service plan to cope with your needs. Likewise, if the client list dwindles and you find yourself in a quiet business period where the outgoing cost of server space seems unnecessarily large, you can call HostGator to downgrade.

Reseller plans from HostGator are viable options for companies whose business is sell cheap server space to third parties without incurring the cost of maintenance. HostGator have been in the industry of web hosting for over a decade, and now as widely established force in the marketplace, they can offer service and hardware that seem almost too good to be true.

Does A HostGator Renewal Coupon Exist?

It is a question that has blighted the HostGator forums: can I use a coupon for the renewal of my hosting contract? Honestly, the answer is both yes and no.

First, while some hosts (such as iPage hosting) offer renewal discounts, the bad news is that there are no HostGator coupon renewal offers available on the Internet. All the offers being made available to you as a new customer, such as 25% off or $25 off your hosting plan, are strictly arranged as a first year or initial purchase saving only. It is in the terms and conditions, and as such cannot be argued with.

Unsurprisingly, HostGator would be hoping that by the time your hosting plan comes up to a renewal date you will have found their service good enough to validate the full-cost price tag that they’re offering you. The ability to host on Linux and Windows operating systems, the ease of installation for operational programs (cPanel one of the most common control panels used on the market can easily work on a HostGator server), and the processing and performance standard of HostGator’s state of the art servers all beg the question; why wouldn’t you want to continue on this hosting plan?

The idea of renewing for a higher cost is not always the easiest to swallow. After all, if you were getting the same service for a cheaper price before why can you not get that price again? That price is not available to existing customers as part of HostGator’s terms and conditions on promotions. You would have to be a new customer to take advantage of those savings again.

At the start of the article, it said that you could use a coupon for your renewal. Although technically not a coupon, you can still see the price of your renewal drop, or a reduction in the cost to upgrade your hosting plan, by simply calling HostGator directly. The phrase “if you don’t ask, you don’t get” is entirely true when it comes to contracts and services with any company. Depending on the scale of the request, you could see yourself signing up for a service with a similar cost to the original one that signed up to. These call center advisors for HostGator are based locally in Dallas and can give direct and informed advice on the service packages available to the website entrepreneur.

The option of an upgrade or downgrade of service is also on the table at the time of your contract renewal, and often a good deal can be made on their packages. To tie-in with their “alligatorian” name, their packages are named after a gator’s various life-stages. Hatchling, Baby and Swamp offer differing degrees of customization, data allowance, and domain allocation.

To summarize, there are no coupons that can give you the same level of savings at renewal as those that customers can get when they are buying first time. Through speaking to customer advisors at HostGator, you may find that an upgrade or downgrade may be the most suitable option for your needs. Ultimately, you may feel that price tag on your contract renewal is a fair estimation of the services they are giving you.

Choosing the Best Web Hosting: HostGator vs Rackspace

Choosing between hosting provides can be a nightmare. You are surrounded by customizable options and boastful features that each company and each product they offer sounds ideal. So which do you choose?

If you just had to compare two, HostGator vs Rackspace, which would come out on top?


Both companies have a well-founded history in hosting. Both have been in the business of providing server space for over a decade. The first noticeable difference is that HostGator has its offices based in Dallas, USA, whereas Rackspace is based in London, UK.

These differences are negligible as neither offers the higher ground to one company or another. It simply means they both operate on the Internet, just from two different physical locations.


Again, the differences between the companies are slight.

Hosting is the primary product offered by both companies. HostGator offers information about the various customizable aspects on their service directly on their website if you click on the hosting link. Rackspace, on the other hand, doesn’t name their levels of cover. Both do offer varieties to the client so again the differences are slight.

Both also offer Dedicated Servers and Virtual Private Servers (VPS) to clients. Rackspace throws the phrase ‘cloud’ into the mix, making their products sounds more cutting edge in the way that it uses technology. HostGator is equally cutting edge, not in the use of cloud technology, but in the standard of servers that the data is held on. It is state-of-the-art technology vs state-of-the-art technology.

With HostGator and Rackspace you are reassured that whichever product you choose the dozens of guarantees and features that are automatically bundled in with your service plan make the arrangement worthwhile. After all, one of the core reasons for rented server space is so that maintenance is conducted by specialists at the company you are using.

Both companies offer a guarantee of no less that 99.9% uptime on their servers. This means that whichever company you chose, your website will be live all day and every day.


Service is an area that both companies have a track-record of excelling in. Both offer online web chat with skilled professionals who can give expert advice. HostGator even offers a blog for IT guidance and support for times when adjusting the server operating specifications gets tricky.

Even though they are both based in different countries, HostGator and Rackspace offer a telephony contact service that is available 24/7/365. By doing so they are able to give client support if they need to upgrade their level of coverage or disk space. Support can also be given regarding billing so if clients need to change from monthly billing to single annual payments, or vice-versa, they are able to do so in a streamlined phone call. The telephone agents are also trained on their servers so that they can give direct guidance and assistance regarding IT problems.


Both companies offer a lot of features. Generally it will come down to personal preferences over server location and IT standard (cloud vs physical technology).

Top-Flight Linux Hosting Available from HostGator

What it is that makes HostGator the premier web hosting service on the Internet is the options you have in which to choose from. Along with shared hosting, VPS hosting, dedicated servers and more, you can specialize your web hosting needs to cover your Linux based system. HostGator Linux hosting is like any other HostGator package. You receive all of the perks of being a HostGator customer.

HostGator offer the unlimited features that come naturally to you through signing up such as disk space and bandwidth. HostGator also provides a guarantee of up to 99 % up time so your site will be streaming consistently. With dedicated Linux servers you receive cpanels for free with any package you choose.

HostGator is affordable web hosting for any and all e-commerce entrepreneur whether you are just getting started or a seasoned pro. HostGator provides the service you would expect form a premier hosting service for Linux and any other operating system you prefer. Get started today and create your successful e-commerce site with the help of HostGator.

For Linux users HostGator has the services you need to create and manage a hosting or e-commerce website that will perform at a high efficiency and provide lucrative results. HostGator Linux hosting is no different than any other service provided by HostGator other than it is tailored to the needs of Linux-based users.

All of the features are provided, the unlimited space and speed, the free cpanels and sitebuilder. HostGator customer service can walk you through the entire process to get you started and on your way to Internet success. Whether a beginner or a pro HostGator will help you shepherd your idea to fruition.

Purchase packages for your needs from reseller or VPS hosting to dedicated servers that ramp up your security along with your success rate. HostGator is known throughout the Internet as the premier hosting service and you can become part of the HostGator team by signing up friends and becoming part of the HostGator affiliate program. Linux users don’t have to be left in the cold. There is a place at HostGator for your e-commerce idea.

HostGator provides professional and reliable web hosting services from reseller and VPS hosting to dedicated servers across all operating platforms. But what is it that makes HostGator Linux hosting different then Windows hosting? The difference lie mainly in how each operates in html.

Linux-based systems are a more fluid choice for hosting as the OS allows for more freedom with web design and offers unparalleled security of the overall system let alone your web hosting operation or e-commerce website. Windows hosting requires serving applications that are Windows based which can hinder creativity or options when managing a site. Linux is the preferred choice.

If starting form scratch and choosing a platform in which to run your hosting or e-commerce service, be sure to be aware of the needs of both Linux and Windows servers. HostGator can walk you through the process with its unmatched customer service and have you up and running under the operating system of your choice and help create a successful hosting platform from which to profit.

Building Your Dream Website with HostGator Joomla Hosting

Joomla is an up and coming content management system (CMS) that covers almost 3% of the website market. As a versatile platform it can be very useful for your e-commerce needs. HostGator committed to providing web hosting service that fit for this free and open-source CMS. HostGator Joomla Hosting is as simple as a quick install and choosing a package that fits your need.

For beginners, there is a hatchling plan that allows you to get to know e-commerce while operating and managing a single domain. Installing Joomla is simple, and HostGator web hosting products exceeds the minimum requirements that Joomla calls for, making it ideal in which to grow.

As you progress in your e-commerce skills, HostGator is there for you with upgrades and incredible customer support which is available to you 24-7, 365 days a year without fail. You experience the power of the HostGator guaranteed 99.9% uptime so your site will always be generating traffic. The compatibility with Joomla is another low-cost but effective alternative that HostGator offers to provide you with premier web hosting service.

Joomla is the true open source community for content management. For use by individuals to large scale business it is an ideal tool for building website, e-commerce and all sorts of web-enabled applications. With the power of HostGator behind it, Joomla can work for you and provide the platform for your next great Internet idea.

HostGator hosting is now available in several packages each equipped to serve your particular need. Whether you are just getting started in the web hosting or e-commerce community or are well on your way to Internet mogul status, HostGator can provide you with the tools and support you need to succeed on Joomla.

HostGator provides all the necessary features you would expect from the top-flight web hosting business on the Internet and more. With unmatched customer support, HostGator will never leave you high and dry when you have questions or concerns regarding your Joomla start-up. Support Joomla and use HostGator to help you create the perfect setting for your next great e-commerce idea.

HostGator is always searching for new portals in which to expand its reach, providing the best web hosting services on the web. With HostGator hosting, the bar has been raised again. Running Joomla open-source content management system shouldn’t hinder you from enjoying the unlimited disk space and bandwidth perks that come along with HostGator services.

Joomla is being run on 2.7% of all e-commerce platforms and it is growing everyday gaining support through its simple to use function. HostGator provides additional simplicity with a quick install that includes three packages of hosting options whether you are interested in VPS or reseller hosting. Domains go up with each package so you can run multiple sites with Joomla with success and ease.

HostGator also provides the award winning customer support that has made it an Internet giant in the field. Signing up with HostGator has many advantages outside of the service and incredible tools and services that each hosting package provides including an affiliate program for referrals.

Experience Top-Flight Web Hosting For Less with HostGator Promotions

Internet shopping is more than just point click and buy. There are discount deals waiting in every corner and behind every search query. You just have to know where to look. You can save on just about anything from shoes, to gift baskets to services like web hosting. In fact, you don’t have to look very far for HostGator promotions that provide big-time savings for professional web hosting service.

Promo codes for successful operations such as HostGator are a normal operating [procedure for Internet marketers looking to expand brand loyalty and the overall market. HostGator has been transforming creativity into reality with a top-flight web program that provides the space, speed and tools to build and operate a successful web business.

Clicking on a promo code or discount make the savings instantaneous and brings you right to the point of purchase for your service. Be sure to look for available promotions and coupons before you shop for services and products online to ensure you get the best deal possible.

Take advantage of the multiple web hosting coupons, and HostGator you can click and save to get started in building a fresh and new opportunity for yourself on the web. Web hosting, e-commerce and other web business alternatives are an increasingly viable way to navigate your way through a tough economy.

HostGator is the premier web hosting company on the net providing the template for web success for 10 years. Bring your ideas to the table and start making them work for you with your very own website or blog treatment. HostGator provides the disk space, bandwidth and more. HostGator even provides the opportunity to begin a web hosting program of your own.

It is a new economy still in its infantile stage waiting for individuals with the right idea and foresight to put it all in motion. HostGator can facilitate your actions and provide everything your need to be a successful Internet entrepreneur. Internet success is merely a click of a promo code away fro becoming reality at HostGator.

The beauty of an Internet coupon offer is that it can be just about anything you want it to be. HostGator promotions several options in which you can save on any number of services such as reseller hosting, VPS hosting, dedicated servers, operating platform hosting and more. Coupons are availble for upgrades in service or if you are new to the HostGator family. All you have to do is click.

HostGator provides top-flight web hosting service at affordable pricing, but you can maximize your investment with the help of promo codes and other discount deals offered by HostGator and third party purveyors. Now starting up your start-up is not so hard to do, or making that upgrade to unlimited domain names catapults you to Internet glory. The options are there all you need to do is play them

Every HostGator program offers unlimited disk space, bandwidth and free site building tools. HostGator is also renowned for its award-winning customer service available for any queries you might have. Take advantage of any number of HostGator coupons on top-flight web hosting.

How the HostGator One Cent Coupon Can Make Your Subscription Practically Free

Would you want to sign up to a web host who can offer a domain for a monthly cost of one cent? Who wouldn’t, and that is why HostGator is offering just that.

What Is In The Small Print?

The offer of one cent domain hosting does not have surprise small print as such. There are no catches about maximum revenue turnover, profit sharing, uptime limitations or technological impracticalities that help make the offer worthwhile for HostGator. It is simply a one-time promotion. They do not try to force you into sharing your profit with them and they do not restrict the technology that you have access to. In fact, the servers that you would have at your disposal are state-of-the-art and capable of a consistent 99.9% uptime guarantee.

How Do I Get A One-Cent Subscription Fee?

Getting the one-cent subscription couldn’t be easier. If you need a website hosted, then chances are that you have access to the Internet. By doing a quick scan of the Internet search engines (Google, Yahoo, Bing, and Lycos), you can find discount codes and coupons that give you a HostGator subscription almost free. If you enter the code on the order screen then you can get the Hatchling cover for $0.01 or the Baby and Swamp covers for $9.84. That is a significant saving for both of them.

Are All Of The Covers Available For $0.01?

As mentioned above, not all of the covers are available for one-cent after applying the coupon code. Only the Hatchling cover is available on a subscription basis for $0.01 per month, the other two covers are reduced to the monthly premium of $9.84. The Hatchlings offers many features equal to the other two larger covers, such as consistent 99% uptime and servers of cutting-edge technology. All servers and contact centers are based at the company’s offices in Dallas. The most noticeable difference between the Hatchling cover and the Baby and Swamp covers is that Hatchling only offers the option of hosting one domain whereas the other two can offer unlimited domains.

Is It $0.01 For Every Month Of The Subscription?

Unfortunately, for a business to keep offering promotions to its customers and stay open they do need to earn money. Because of these economic factors, it is unsurprising that the HostGator one cent coupon only provides discount for the first month. At one cent for the first month, the saving is quite significant when compared to other competitive products on the market. It almost makes the first month a trial try-before-you-buy period where you get to discover how suitable the product is for your needs, and whether you’d want to upgrade after that first month.

Who Would The $0.01 Hatchling Cover Be Suitable For?

A prime candidate for the Hatchling cover is a small or start-up business. Through limited web resource needs, the server space and performance made available by HostGator would more than match their requirements and the sole domain allowance meets their single website needs. Combining this with a low monthly subscription and the first one only costing $0.01, the plan could be an ideal package for the company.

Getting Started With HostGator Shared Hosting

HostGator is the premier web and reseller hosting outfit on the Internet. With tons of available options for little to no cost and great features that are affordable, HostGator Shared Hosting is eating up the competition and providing high-performance service for you and your promising e-commerce website.

Managing a hosting business or merely running an e-commerce website can be time-consuming and difficult. HostGator has all the tools you need to simplify the each task. Getting started is simple, choose a data, bandwidth and memory plan that is best for you, the either create or transfer your domain from another web-hosting service, upload your site and the rest is gravy.

HostGator will support you through the entire process of building your site with available templates and its patented SiteStudio to helping you manage your billing so you can get the most out of your investment of both time and money. Sample all the web building and hosting tools that HostGator has to offer to make your Internet Business successful.

When you sign up to become part of the HostGator community you are doing yourself and your e-business a world of good. HostGator shared hosting is the top of the line web-hosting service on the Internet, helping create lucrative and successful business on the web daily. A key element to HostGator is its customer support, particularly when you first get started with HostGator.

After walking you through the steps to get your domain name set, HostGator provides SiteStudio, a premier software that can help you build the kind of website you didn’t think was possible. SiteStudio provides hundreds of original templates that you can adjust to your liking. HostGator even offers a free demo of SiteStudio so you can get comfortable with the software.

HostGator is committed to helping you bring your dream into reality. Web business and e-commerce represent the new economy, where there is money to be made and success to be had. Let HostGator get you started on the road to Internet triumph.

After years of eating up the competition, HostGator is on top. The premier web-hosting service on the Internet is your #1 destination for all of your e-commerce needs. HostGator keeps chomping away breeding successful e-business after successful e-business.

The key is in the exemplary customer service that helps get you started without any complication. Getting started with HostGator shared hosting is a simple step-by-step process that HostGator will walk you through. Then it is all about how you create and manage your site with available web building tools and templates and HostGator customer support the whole way through.

As an e-commerce site with HostGator you can refer others to HostGator and make money as part of a hosting affiliate program. The benefits are great and the overhead is low. HostGator can get you started for a low and affordable monthly cost with unlimited memory and bandwidth speeds that will blow your mind and your competitors out of the water. Experience #1 service from the #1 web hosting service on the net in HostGator.

What Do You Get with HostGator Dedicated Servers?

When web hosting and virtual private servers are not adequate for a client’s needs, a solution is often found in the form of a private dedicated server.

A dedicated server is where a client exclusively leases a physical server. Rather than using the method employed by virtual private servers where the data is stored across a number of different servers but held within a combined and unified virtual storage area, dedicated servers are literally physical servers used solely by the client.

The first positive aspect of this is the level of ownership that is gained over the server. Although you are only leasing the server for use, you do have full root access to the servers allowing you to manipulate and adjust the operating environment to suit your own specific needs. Crucially, this means if you require partitions on the server that run Linux or Windows operating systems independently, you can. This opens up avenues of operation and customization on each operating system that is not available on either web hosting or VPS hosting.

Using HostGator dedicated servers also means direct access to these servers. Even though you have rented the server, you get it delivered to your office within 48 hours of your order. This means access can be virtual through the internet or physical by directly connecting to a port on the server. Again, this is cost effective by having direct access for your IT workers to do their job without having to work around any network restrictions that may already be in place.

Because HostGator maintains its servers, the client is able to focus on the requirements of their company. If the deal in reselling web space, they can do so. If they are a web-based company, they can set up an intranet for its employees, an email system and the external domains, which are accessed by the customers. This is manageable because the client has direct access to the servers root code and can manipulate its operations how they see fit. Therefore, if the company database from intranet and internet needs to be built on a Linux operating system, and at the same time if a third party client wants them to resell server space on a Windows operating system they can do so. The Plesk control panel is fully capable of meeting with the client’s needs.

All these features are combined with an exhaustive supply of HostGator support. They have technicians that can provide expert advice of server operation and process modification issues. There is also a telephony contact center, which is open 24/7/365 at their head offices in Dallas.

By calling one of the advisors, you will be able to get help on billing, upgrades, and technical problems. If you need to change you payment plan, upgrade your service to incorporate another server of the same or different specifications you can simply call and get the help you need. However, if there are problems on your server, a brief call to the technical helpers and the problems should be solved.s

Learn More about HostGator VPS Hosting

HostGator offers a service for VPS hosting. However, what does that give the client?

Firstly, VPS stands for Virtual Private Server. That means the client is leasing a server from HostGator. This ‘server’ is virtual so it may not necessarily be the same as a physical server; instead, it could be made up from multiple partitioned servers, or a partition on one single server, depending on the scale of the client’s needs. This is essentially cloud hosting because the data is shared across one place, their disk space, which is held across a number of physical drives.

The reason why VPS hosting is a viable option to web-based clients is that problems are taken care of. General maintenance and emergency repairs are taken care of by the company the client is leasing from, in this case – HostGator.

This takes the pressure of IT away from the company who can focus on their products and profit margins. It saves money for the client and reduces the resources they are required to pay for. After all, HostGator has been web hosting for over a decade, so why not trust an established and skilled team of technicians to take care of your data’s storage system.

VPS hosting also gives a degree of freedom in usage that isn’t afforded in standard web hosting or reseller hosting where an area of disk space is rented for your domain or a third parties. If your company is only small and starting up, the opportunity is there to diversify you profit. You can host your own company website and internal email and intranet alongside it, and then separate to that within your VPS server you can advertise domain hosting to clients and earn money as a reseller host.

An attractive feature of VPS hosting is that it allows the client to operate a web site internally and externally for staff and customers. When customers log into the company’s website they are viewing the data off the VPS, and when a staff logs into their intranet to download statistics of sales performance they are accessing the VPS. Both intranet and internet sites are being operated from the VPS but both exist separately. This is cost effective and sensible.

It saves money not having to rent more than one VPS, and because there are skilled HostGator technicians maintaining the server the risk of IT problems are low. The risk of IT problems is so low that HostGator offer a 99.9% uptime guarantee. This guarantee means that access to your server (through the Internet and Intranet) is constant and 24/7/365.

HostGator also offer a telephony contact service, which is available 24/7/365. This can be relating to IT problem when you have been trying to gain root access to your server to make your own changes to the operating specifications of the VPS, but also for enquiries about billing and services. If you feel the company’s requirements have out grown your VPS then you can call HostGator and then can help you negotiate an upgrade.