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Using Go Daddy Coupons to Reduce Your Online Costs

Small businesses need to be online if they want to be competitive. More and more people that are unfamiliar with computers will be trying to find their way into cyberspace in the coming years. Web hosting services can be very expensive and no business has money to waste so finding good value for an investment in their online requirements is important. Fortunately it is possible to save a lot of money by being shrewd about where you spend it. Go Daddy is a very cost effective web host supplier which can be even cheaper to use if you take the time to get a few GoDaddy coupon codes before you start

GoDaddy offers a complete range of online services from supplying domain names through to full web hosting packages. This makes it a convenient way to set up a website for any purpose at a very affordable rate. Even though GoDaddy prices are already so good, it is possible to save even more by using the GoDaddy Coupons that are available, which offer sizeable discounts on the prices of most, if not all, of GoDaddy’s internet products.

These coupons, just like all other online coupons, give the customer a Go Daddy promo code that is used on the site to claim the discount. There are many places online where it is possible to find Go Daddy Coupons but they are often out of date or don’t work for other reasons. For this reason, it is best to subscribe to Go Daddy to get them directly from the website itself. This will mean that you will know what all of the GoDaddy promo codes that you get are for and that they will work when you get to the checkout with your order.

With the average price of a .com domain name being as much as $12.99 on many sites, using one of the coupons from GoDaddy to claim a cheap domain can bring the price down to as low as $5.99, cutting the cost of buying a domain in half. Often, businesses will want to buy several domains to cover the products and services that they provide and just this discount can save a lot of money on set up costs when developing an online presence. It can also be good to buy all of the different domain extensions for your business name to make sure that you remain at the top of the search engines. Using coupons to bulk-buy domains can save a lot of money, especially as a number of the lesser used domains and local domains can cost quite a lot more than a simple .com or .net can cost.

The real value in the GoDaddy promo code discounts come when it is applied to the more expensive services such as the Virtual Data Center, which gives clients access to cloud servers that facilitate easier sharing of files and applications on mobile devices while away from their office. Some internet companies will charge thousands to set up a file sharing system like this but by using coupons from GoDaddy to claim a discount it is possible to use these services for as little as $75 or so a month. This makes them really affordable for smaller businesses and gives them access to the same sort of facilities that the biggest corporations are using to share their data at the moment.

For most people, once they have their cheap domain name they will also want to invest in some web hosting services. Coupons that offer significant savings can save customers as much as 20% off of a standard web hosting account. GoDaddy already offers some of the cheapest web hosting deals to be found at the moment and have recently moved to 4G so they are not only cheap but have the fastest download speeds available. Using a promo code from GoDaddy to secure a cheaper deal on hosting for your website can amount to a savings of over $60. Coupled with a big discount on the purchase of domain names and other services this can add up to hundreds of dollars very easily.

One area that coupons from GoDaddy can really save a lot of money is on web design services, which can be very expensive. Many web designers will charge thousands for a simple web page for a business and because most people aren’t computer savvy enough to do the design work for themselves they are at their mercy. Web hosting is GoDaddy’s premium online service and they offer a complete package for $90 a month that is all inclusive. It comes with all of the graphics and content as well as ongoing updates and everything else that is needed to maintain your online presence. Go Daddy Promo codes that offer as much as 30% discount can be used in conjunction with their already inexpensive web hosting services to save hundreds of dollars a year on the service.

Given the importance of internet marketing to businesses now, it can be costing your business money not to be online, so getting a webpage out there should be a priority. If like most of us money is tight, cutting costs by taking advantage of discount coupons can be a great way of starting to develop an online profile that allows you to stay in the market with even your biggest competitors. Obviously the most cost effective way to develop a web presence is to do the work yourself and many people can, but for those that can’t, being able to use GoDaddy promos codes to claim discounts on otherwise expensive services can be the difference between being able to afford them and having to put them off. This makes it worth the small amount of time that it takes to find the Go Daddy coupon promo codes that you will need to get the best web hosting and domain name prices possible and will make the already affordable avenue of online marketing even more cost effective for any business.

HostGator VPS Coupon

Use these HostGator VPS coupons to save 25% off any VPS purchase.

These are the coupons we have verified to give you the maximum discount on VPS as of January 1, 2012:

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Hostgator is a popular provider of web hosting services. They offer a variety of server packages for beginners and professionals. They provide support 24 hours, 7 days a week and a money-back guarantee. Hostgator now hosts over 4 million domains with more added every day. One of their fasting growing services is Virtual Private Servers (VPS).

VPS is one of the hosting plans that Hostgator is offering to change the way websites are created by giving entrepreneurs faster, less expensive ways to start their own online businesses. A virtual private server is just like a miniature server, a division of a full server. The mini server is a private server that has its own operating system and control panel. It can be completely individualized, managed and supported. But it’s all really part of the main server for hosting purposes. So the privatized mini server is just a virtual private server.

One of the best aspects of a VPS is that it allows the users to share the cost of hosting with the website owner. However, the owner retains total control over formatting and content, the server and all applications. It gives access and security, flexibility and reliability. It’s perfect for web sites and applications that need more space and power than a shared server but maybe aren’t ready for the financial and technological aspects of their own server.

Hostgator has 9 levels of VPS. They start from $19.95 for Level 1, which has 10 GB disk space and 250 GB Bandwidth and requires 484 MB of RAM. The levels go incrementally through the highest 9, which requires 4435 MB of RAM and has 231 GB of Disk Space and 3150 GB Bandwidth for $209.95. All include domain names and 2 IP addresses, but 32 IP addresses are available at additional cost. The Hostgator VPS also come with Virtuozzo Power Panel for uniformity and complete control.

The server supports almost all significant programming languages and is run through Apache Web Server software. The VPS servers have full root access and are powered by Dell PowerEdge with Dual Nehalem CPUs and CentOS Linux operating systems installed. The full root access is important because it lets the site owner change core content as needed to optimize changes on the site. Pages can be compressed to increase speed and memory or changed to optimize for search engines as terms trend. All plans include weekly off site system backup as well. Hostgator is known to be the best VPS provider value on the market, with the highest grade services and support for the price at every level.

Always included is the award winning Hostgator service to allow the reseller to focus on content and advertising. Hostgator’s support is completely based in the United States and is widely known as the best and most available while providing top grade quality and experts. Hostgator is the constantly getting greener, using climate friendly wind power and invests in wind energy to offset server. If green is a concern, Hostgator is the best for VPS as that service is 100% green for the customers and web site users.

HostGator Reseller Coupon

All of the current HostGator Reseller Coupons offer you a discount of 25% off your order.

These reseller coupons have been verified as of March 24, 2011:

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Hostgator is a popular provider of web hosting services. They offer a variety of server packages for beginners and professionals. They provide support 24 hours, 7 days a week and a money-back guarantee. Hostgator now hosts over 4 million domains with more added every day. One of their most innovative services is reseller hosting.

Reseller hosting allows the Hostgator customer or account holder to host websites for third parties from their home computer as long as they have sufficient hard drive space and bandwidth. So, the reseller or account holder buys the services wholesale from Hostgator and sells them or uses them for a higher price to the third parties. It’s almost as if the host and reseller are sharing the service, rather than the reseller buying space or renting his or her own dedicated server. It’s a fairly inexpensive way for the reseller to start a hosting or web design business.

For a low starting cost, the reseller gets access to the ‘shared’ service, the Hostgator reseller control panel and the web hosting manager. Unlimited domains and sub domains, unlimited email addresses, a free billing system and domain reseller account, unlimited FTP accounts, private name servers and 4,500 website templates are all included. The web hosting manager lets the reseller use all of these features to give their new third party customers the ability to control, create and modify their own web site hosted on the shared server.

At Hostgator, the reseller has a large part in the creation of his or her own service plan and pricing structure so they can then develop their own customer pricing and their own branding as well. The reseller doesn’t need to know all of the technical aspects, which makes the relationship even easier, as they can focus on customer interface and design while Hostgator is responsible for all of the software, hardware and connection issues. The reseller keeps its initial overhead low and is left with the effort of cultivating his or her business and its own customers. Most of the cost is tied to advertising and getting a new name out into the right demographic for the new business.

Hostgator is a successful reseller host and a stable place for a new entrepreneur to get his or her foot in the door for a low price. The plans are reasonable for people just starting out. They begin with the Aluminum plan which starts at $24.95 for 50 GB of Disk Space and 500 GB Bandwidth. Diamond is the top of the plans. For $99.95 the reseller gets 1400 GB Bandwidth and 200 GB of disk space to work with. The reseller can change plans at any time and move up the ranks as their business increases.

Always included is the award winning Hostgator service to allow the reseller to focus on content and advertising. Hostgator is also constantly getting greener and now purchases certified renewable energy credits, uses climate friendly and wind power and invests in wind energy to offset server emissions until everyone can make the switch to greener energy sources.