Understanding the HostGator Control Panel

HostGator uses a number of different control panels for its various product options available to the customer.

Web Hosting Control Panels

The first product available to the consumer is web hosting directly through HostGator. This is where HostGator offers server space for a professional or business to open a website on the Internet. The rates are preferential to each customer’s needs and all come with the same call center support and uptime guarantees.

All web hosting packages use cPanel as their HostGator control panel. This is could be viewed very favorably for the users because cPanel is an industry wide standard for website management interfaces. It offers a comprehensive level of customization and an easy add-on installation process. By using cPanel, it’s user-friendly interface assist the user in creating less coding and format errors so that the website run smoothly for customers.

Among the add-ons available for installation on cPanel are packs that allow the administrator access into web traffic statistics and server faculties to monitor website performance.

Reseller Control Panels

Reseller web hosting is made available by HostGator to business who need server space that they can sell off to third parties as their own product. This allows cost-effective business by limiting the cost of server ownership and maintenance but also gives you the flexibility of buying more server space as you need it.

Because space is sold off to a variety of professionals and businesses, the control panel used by HostGator meets the needs of the client by allowing customization and control over their server area. The control panel also allows complex control of server space separation between each different domain and company buying the space as third party. For each of these third party buyers the domain aspects and email creation can be controlled on the WHM control panel operated by the reseller.

VPS Control Panels

Virtual Private Servers (VPS) are also offered by HostGator to clients who have more specialized needs with their server space. Again, like the reseller option, the cost of operations is reduced by not having to pay for maintenance or server ownership. However, clients may need their own server area for web hosting personally, reselling server space, or using it for internal company intranet pages.

Because of this diversity in client needs and third party client needs the control panel used for VPS clients is Plesk. This offers the management needs required in all aspects of server space control.

What Is Offered On All Services

Alongside the depth of control awarded to the client by the use of WHM cPanel and Plesk for their data, account, domain, and server management HostGator also offers support for IT and contract problems.

If the VPS server size needs to be upgraded that is not a problem, just call the support call center. If there is a problem with the uptime being recorded on your cPanel statistics, just call the call center.

With a 99.9% uptime guarantee and dozens of upgrade and downgrade options available to the client. The 24/7 call center will be able to help, with active understanding of their products because there are based at the head office in Dallas.