How the HostGator One Cent Coupon Can Make Your Subscription Practically Free

Would you want to sign up to a web host who can offer a domain for a monthly cost of one cent? Who wouldn’t, and that is why HostGator is offering just that.

What Is In The Small Print?

The offer of one cent domain hosting does not have surprise small print as such. There are no catches about maximum revenue turnover, profit sharing, uptime limitations or technological impracticalities that help make the offer worthwhile for HostGator. It is simply a one-time promotion. They do not try to force you into sharing your profit with them and they do not restrict the technology that you have access to. In fact, the servers that you would have at your disposal are state-of-the-art and capable of a consistent 99.9% uptime guarantee.

How Do I Get A One-Cent Subscription Fee?

Getting the one-cent subscription couldn’t be easier. If you need a website hosted, then chances are that you have access to the Internet. By doing a quick scan of the Internet search engines (Google, Yahoo, Bing, and Lycos), you can find discount codes and coupons that give you a HostGator subscription almost free. If you enter the code on the order screen then you can get the Hatchling cover for $0.01 or the Baby and Swamp covers for $9.84. That is a significant saving for both of them.

Are All Of The Covers Available For $0.01?

As mentioned above, not all of the covers are available for one-cent after applying the coupon code. Only the Hatchling cover is available on a subscription basis for $0.01 per month, the other two covers are reduced to the monthly premium of $9.84. The Hatchlings offers many features equal to the other two larger covers, such as consistent 99% uptime and servers of cutting-edge technology. All servers and contact centers are based at the company’s offices in Dallas. The most noticeable difference between the Hatchling cover and the Baby and Swamp covers is that Hatchling only offers the option of hosting one domain whereas the other two can offer unlimited domains.

Is It $0.01 For Every Month Of The Subscription?

Unfortunately, for a business to keep offering promotions to its customers and stay open they do need to earn money. Because of these economic factors, it is unsurprising that the HostGator one cent coupon only provides discount for the first month. At one cent for the first month, the saving is quite significant when compared to other competitive products on the market. It almost makes the first month a trial try-before-you-buy period where you get to discover how suitable the product is for your needs, and whether you’d want to upgrade after that first month.

Who Would The $0.01 Hatchling Cover Be Suitable For?

A prime candidate for the Hatchling cover is a small or start-up business. Through limited web resource needs, the server space and performance made available by HostGator would more than match their requirements and the sole domain allowance meets their single website needs. Combining this with a low monthly subscription and the first one only costing $0.01, the plan could be an ideal package for the company.