How Does HostGator Reseller Hosting Work?

One of the products offered by world-renowned web hosts HostGator is reseller hosting, but what does that mean?

Reseller hosting is the business practice where a company operates as a facilitator for third party companies to find web space. This is not fraud. The web space being offered by the reseller is still the reseller’s web space, they are just choosing to split it into portions and resell it to individual third parties who need it.

Standard domain and web hosting is not an option for reseller companies because they need specific control over their server area. On standard web hosting, it is not possible to access the disk space directly and manipulated it into segregated sections for each third party. Unlike web hosting where email accounts and domain are all registered under a single company’s or professional’s details, reseller hosting allows the reseller to store their own email and domain account on their server area, but also individual domains and email accounts for each third party buyer.

With such complicated processes needing to be completed, HostGator reseller hosting offers the client both WHM and cPanel as control panels for their IT needs. This provides them with the options of customization that the client and their third parties will require. For example, cPanel has the ability to install add-ons onto its operating program to allow a greater degree of domain design and summarizing of web traffic and site performance.

A crucial feature of HostGator’s reseller service is their customer service. In itself, they are offering a course of assistance that gives unparalleled levels of maintenance. Not only is the client able to offer server space to third parties, but also they do not have to pay fees and worry about the maintenance and performance levels of the server. HostGator employs a team of skilled technicians to maintain the servers to maximum performance levels. The hardware of the servers is so up-to-date that HostGator promises a 99.9% uptime, meaning that the domains and emails will be active and accessible any time of day, every day.

If the service plan becomes inadequate for your needs, there is always the option to upgrade. For instance, if your business as a reseller grows beyond your expectations and the server space can no longer meet with your client’s needs then a brief phone call to HostGator (the call center itself is based at their registered address in Dallas) can get you an upgrade on your service plan to cope with your needs. Likewise, if the client list dwindles and you find yourself in a quiet business period where the outgoing cost of server space seems unnecessarily large, you can call HostGator to downgrade.

Reseller plans from HostGator are viable options for companies whose business is sell cheap server space to third parties without incurring the cost of maintenance. HostGator have been in the industry of web hosting for over a decade, and now as widely established force in the marketplace, they can offer service and hardware that seem almost too good to be true.