Finding the Facts in HostGator Reviews

There are dozens of HostGator reviews on the Internet. Often their information matches up but sometimes there is conflicting information about the domain and server host. So what are the facts?

What Do They Offer?

There are four services offered by HostGator.

Web hosting is the widest used of their services and allows businesses or professionals get their website online by having their domain hosted by HostGator. This means they can focus on their products, the design of the website and driving traffic to the website instead of stressing about server maintenance or how their domain is being hosted. There are three different plans available (Hatchling, Baby, and Swamp) and each allows a different size of coverage allowing the client to choose a plan closest to their needs.

Reseller hosting is a popular service where companies buy server space from HostGator and sell it off in portions to third parties. This is a lucrative option for the reseller client because they only have to worry about maintaining the relationship with their third party users. HostGator offer the server maintenance as part of this plan too, assisting the ease of business for resellers.

The VPS package is where a client can set up a Virtual Private Server on a HostGator Server. For all intents and purposes they is individual disk space on a server that the client can use to web host, operate as a reseller, or use as hosting space for a company’s internal email network and intranet.

Finally, HostGator are able to offer dedicated servers for companies who need not just storage area but direct access to the root code and have the control over what operating systems and control panels are active on their server.

Whatever package and service plan the client opts for, HostGator gives the guarantee of maintenance and 99.9% uptime on the servers. This gives peace of mind to the client, as they know their site and server space will be operational 24/7/365.

The servers that HostGator use are state-of-the-art in terms of cooling, storage capabilities, and processing performance. Whatever package you chose you can be certain that the hardware you are placing your data on is maintained to reach is optimized level of performance.

How Do They Offer It?

To sign up to a HostGator service couldn’t be easier. You can sign up either online or on the phone. Either way the support for choosing the right plan is available to you whichever way you choose.

Once you’re signed up to the service plan then the support doesn’t stop there. If during your contract with them, you find that more disk space or domain allowance is needed then you can call up or log into your account and request more by upgrading your contract.

When you first sign up you have to choose one plan from a dozen options so the ability to change your mind midway through the coverage is reassuringly easy.

This is what HostGator can offer a company or professional who makes their living through the Internet.