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The Baby package is the most popular HostGator package because it allows you host an unlimited number of domains with unlimited disk space and bandwidth, which means you get all of the hosting you need for one low monthly payment.

About The Company

Where do you go when you are looking for one of the best web hosts available? HostGator LogoThat’s right, LLC. Brent Oxley founded in 2002 in his Florida Atlantic University dorm room. The company now has offices in Austin, Texas and Houston, Texas. is the lead provider of shared, reseller, VPS, and dedicated servers. In its short nine years of existence, has expanded its business to include over five million domains in over 200 countries.

Looking for another reason to transfer to for your hosting needs? provides various levels of products and servers to a multitude of clients. Clients may be as small as the one-person business to a multi-thousand employee business. The website is designed to have a simple user interface for all levels of experience to easily navigate through the website templates in site building and hosting options. Overview

Have you been using other web hosts and found that in order to sustain your hosting needs, costs continue to increase, or additional modules need to constantly be bought? Do you find yourself paying for services and products that are much greater than your business needs? Are you a new company looking for web hosting, but find it confusing and difficult to find a web host that meets your budget? Do you have a web host that does not provide customer and technical support when you need it the most, or does your website have a lot of down time, costing your company hundreds or thousands or more a year in potential income?

Look no further for the company that will solve all your web hosting problems. goes as far to ensure you are 100% satisfied that if in the first 45 days you are not satisfied with this product, you receive your money back, guaranteed. You never have to worry about paying for services you don’t need due to their customizable packages and various levels of options. Technical and customer support are available 24/7 and open all holidays and weekends. Never fear your website going down again with a 99.9% uptime guarantee. With promises like this, you never have to worry about your online business again. To make this deal even more extraordinary, the Hostgator coupon is available to use on any product or service.

Web Hosting

If you have an online website, then you need a web host. Web hosting is one of the largest used services in the Internet world. has three levels of hosting that are easy to use and affordable for any budget. Unlike other web hosting providers, all web hosting plans through come with unlimited disk space and bandwidth. Are you unsure about how to design and build your own website, but know that without a website your business will not succeed? The web hosting plans provide free site building tools and templates that can be customized to meet any business need. The user designs their website through an easy to navigate cPanel control panel. With all hosting plans, you will receive unlimited sub-domains, FTP accounts, and e-mail accounts.

Now you are thinking that other companies require you to pay extra for things like carts, blogs, privacy and protection rights, and redirect URL’s, must do the same thing and how much is that going to cost? is different, the web hosting provides for instant shopping carts, blogs, portals, forums, counters, form mail, password protected directories, custom error pages, web based file managers, hotlink protection, IP deny manager, and redirect URL.

There are various coding languages and programming modules available for customizing and building your website. Remember, you do not need to be a developer in order to design and build your website, but for some added features on your website, some coding may be needed.

Web hosting comes in three levels of plans. The three plans are hatchling, baby, and business. The hatchling plan comes with the minimum and includes a shared SSL certification. The baby plan includes the shared SSL certification and unlimited domains, as well as the minimum. The business plan includes the minimum, a private SSL certification and IP, unlimited domains, and a toll free number.

What if you already have a web host, but believe may be a better fit for you?; can provide free domain transfers, free file transfers, free database transfers, and free script transfers. This makes the transfer process from any other web host to easy, affordable, and hassle free.

Reseller Hosting

What is reseller hosting? Reseller hosting allows for a person starting their own business in web hosting managing a reseller account with multiple clients. By paying one price a month, the reseller may have hundreds of clients that have their own control panel and web site. The clients pay the reseller for their web hosting. The reseller retains all moneys received from their clients and simply pays a monthly fee. In no time at all, a reseller host can be making money just by being a web host. This service provides free client management and billing software. The reseller service has 4500 free website templates in over 22 languages to be offered to the customer.

VPS Hosting

The VPS hosting plans use CentOS Linux with full root access, Virtuozzo power panels, and optional cPanel or web hosting manager panels. These hosting plans have the dedicated server functionality, but are less expensive than traditional dedicated server plans.

What are VPS hosts? These plans provide a link between shared hosting and dedicated servers. Not sure what level of VPS hosting you should buy? VPS hosting has nine levels of hosting. The various levels of hosting begin with level one and continue through level nine. The various features of these two dynamic levels include level one features being .56 GHZ CPU, 384 MB RAM, 10 GB disk space, and 250 GB bandwidth. Level one is more realistic for a small company just beginning that does not know their real level of need. The highest level, level nine, includes 5.94 GHZ CPU, 4435 MB RAM, 231 GB disk space, and 3150 GB bandwidth.

VPS hosting also includes the ability for installing advanced software. All VPS plans provide free site builder options, 52 free scripts, and cutting-edge server hardware. The hosting options are flexible and customizable. If you order a level of hosting that does not meet the needs of your company, you may upgrade at any time. This makes the VPS hosting approach easily scalable, allowing you to save costs when you are not that large a company, and only pay for the services you really need until you meet your company size goals. is a reliable hosting company that ensures their operations are always working. The offsite weekly backups add extra security by ensuring your data is safe and professionally stored. State-of-the-art data centers provide backup power generators to continue hosting even if the unexpected occurs. This internal control within helps to ensure your business is protected and has continued functionality.

Dedicated Servers

Are you looking for dedicated servers that are the ultimate power and flexibility? Then you should consider one of dedicated server plans. The dedicated servers are fully managed with complete control and root access. Unlike other dedicated servers found on other hosting sites, there are no dedicated hardware resource restrictions. There are four dedicated server plans. The various levels of dedication server plans come in basic, standard, elite dedicated and pro-dedicated option packages. Each of these plans is available in either the Linux or Window dedicated server format, meeting the needs of even more users worldwide.

One of’s largest concerns is continuing to provide the highest level of quality server products and services available. To ensure they measure up to the competition and to exceed user expectations, the company provides server provisions, secured and delivered typically within 24 hours of purchase. An additional quality of dedicated servers includes a higher level of security, speed, and uptime than many other hosting companies.

The billing system is a perfect bonus feature added to the dedication server plans. The autopilot billing in the billing system provides the ability to automate the billing needs of your company. fully manages all dedicated servers, taking all responsibility and problems away from your company. Although the initial cost may be more, in the long term having a dedicated server cuts personnel costs, and reduces system costs. The Enom domain name reseller account included with the dedicated server plans is an added bonus. This provides extra income for your company if you want to consider hosting other websites. Maybe you have affiliates or partner companies that could easily benefit from you web hosting their website.

Costs and Format offers various services with multiple levels of plans for each service. The starting price for web hosting is $3.96 a month. Reseller hosting starts at $19.96 for the first month and is $24.95 each month after. VPS Hosting services are starting at $15.96 for the first month and $19.95 each month after. The dedicated server plans begin at $139.00 for the first month and $174.00 a month thereafter.

For a limited time, is offering a Hostgator coupon on various packages for the first month. This provides the opportunity to not only take the 45-day money back guarantee, but to try a great product for a month at a discounted rate.

Pro Points for

  • Multiple plan options from the one person company to large corporations
  • Various hosting options
  • Inexpensive plans to meet all budgets
  • Customizable websites & templates
  • Environment friendly
  • 100% time customer service, no holidays or off-hours
  • Scalable plans based on growing of your company

Negative Points for

  • Difficult to decide which plan to chose
  • Built mostly for web designers and developers to use
  • Lose one-on-one personal contact with over 750 employees for customer support, and no local representatives

Overall Conclusion for is a one-stop shop for web hosting, VSP hosting or dedicated servers. now makes the experience of hosting even better by providing a Hostgator coupon. With this company there is never a worry that your company website will be down or that your company is losing potential income. The company provides businesses with state-of-the-art backup power generators to keep their business running online, no matter the situation.

The ease of use on this website makes all hosting needs simple. Signing up for plans requires some knowledge as to your company needs and the level of your budget. All plans provide for unlimited domains, sub domains, and e-mail accounts. allows the customer to receive fully customizable hosting for any size company; from the independent contractor to the Fortune 500 Company. is considered one of the fastest, most reliable, and best-supported web hosting companies. The company has received rewards across the board. Some of their most recent rewards include the 2011 Best Free Website Transfer Service, 2011 Best Small Business Hosting, 2011 Code of Conduct Award by Web Hosting Search, and 2011 Best Reseller Web Hosting by With this in mind, there is no better time to choose especially since the company is providing a Hostgator coupon. This coupon helps reduce the initial price of your services and products through

In general, the testimonials prove that has a high satisfaction rating. The company continues to find ways to expand their business and find new ways to meet customer needs. One way is that the company has expanded into providing commissions to affiliates to expand their business. The 750-employee business continues to hire, even with the continued economic recession. This is a sign of how stable this company is, and how the company is going to continue to grow. They will not be a fly-by-night company that is here to support you today and is gone tomorrow. The technical and support staff are available all hours of the day or night, making the support system one of the best in the industry.