HostGator cPanel

Hostgator is popular and rapidly expanding provider of web hosting services. Hostgator offers a range of products, plans and support for everyone from the beginning web host entrepreneur through to Fortune 500 companies. They are known for providing excellent 24/7, United States based support, and for helping a developing company focus on their advertising and customers while Hostgator handles the set up and technological issues, all at very affordable prices and progressive planning. They also are one of the only companies that offer 100% green hosting with their extensive use of wind energy and lack of reliance on paper goods or fossil fuels.

One service that all of their hosting plans include is a control panel that allows the host to maneuver between different web site clients and for clients to track their users and demographics to see where their strengths and weaknesses lie. The way to coordinate all of these is through the use of Hostgator’s Cpanel.

Cpanel allows the web site owner to make changes to the site, simply and effectively without needing too much technological knowledge. It makes comprehension easy; you are able to speed through the site without too much complexity. Some advertisements enter into the equation using Cpanel, but with Hostgator’s support, they don’t interfere too greatly with the user side of the site. People switching to Hostgator because of the environmental awareness or for economic reasons will have no problem with Cpanel as it is used by a majority of other web hosting services. Even if they haven’t used it before, it is a very popular content management system because it is easy enough to use for anyone who has web ownership experience. It also allows the support technicians to specialize and give exact instructions based on the uniformity of the system, regardless of any other software involved.

Hostgator’s use of Cpanel makes web site creation simple. Once you sign up with Hostgator, they send a link to the individualized Cpanel site. The control panel has large icons with detailed descriptions and users can click for step by step. There are specifications for what kind of site the user is building, like for WordPress, there is an obvious file with a WP in the name. Hostgator’s Cpanel is designed to help all internet users to be able to build their own websites without needing a specialized education. But Cpanel also has sufficient options to cater to more advanced users to build bigger and better websites as well. The speed might be a little slower for the complex user, but the wide range and compatibility of Cpanel plus Hostgator’s low prices make it worth the slightly longer upload. Customer service is available on all levels and often can help a user speed the process on their end if a large upload is necessary.

Hostgator’s use of Cpanel is just another upside to using their services. They are known for giving above average services and support for average or below average prices. Any negatives, like the average upload speed, can be easily offset by all of the positives of using Hostgator. One of those positives is the service-wide utilization of Cpanel for its hosts and users.