HostGator Reseller Coupon

All of the current HostGator Reseller Coupons offer you a discount of 25% off your order.

These reseller coupons have been verified as of March 24, 2011:

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Hostgator is a popular provider of web hosting services. They offer a variety of server packages for beginners and professionals. They provide support 24 hours, 7 days a week and a money-back guarantee. Hostgator now hosts over 4 million domains with more added every day. One of their most innovative services is reseller hosting.

Reseller hosting allows the Hostgator customer or account holder to host websites for third parties from their home computer as long as they have sufficient hard drive space and bandwidth. So, the reseller or account holder buys the services wholesale from Hostgator and sells them or uses them for a higher price to the third parties. It’s almost as if the host and reseller are sharing the service, rather than the reseller buying space or renting his or her own dedicated server. It’s a fairly inexpensive way for the reseller to start a hosting or web design business.

For a low starting cost, the reseller gets access to the ‘shared’ service, the Hostgator reseller control panel and the web hosting manager. Unlimited domains and sub domains, unlimited email addresses, a free billing system and domain reseller account, unlimited FTP accounts, private name servers and 4,500 website templates are all included. The web hosting manager lets the reseller use all of these features to give their new third party customers the ability to control, create and modify their own web site hosted on the shared server.

At Hostgator, the reseller has a large part in the creation of his or her own service plan and pricing structure so they can then develop their own customer pricing and their own branding as well. The reseller doesn’t need to know all of the technical aspects, which makes the relationship even easier, as they can focus on customer interface and design while Hostgator is responsible for all of the software, hardware and connection issues. The reseller keeps its initial overhead low and is left with the effort of cultivating his or her business and its own customers. Most of the cost is tied to advertising and getting a new name out into the right demographic for the new business.

Hostgator is a successful reseller host and a stable place for a new entrepreneur to get his or her foot in the door for a low price. The plans are reasonable for people just starting out. They begin with the Aluminum plan which starts at $24.95 for 50 GB of Disk Space and 500 GB Bandwidth. Diamond is the top of the plans. For $99.95 the reseller gets 1400 GB Bandwidth and 200 GB of disk space to work with. The reseller can change plans at any time and move up the ranks as their business increases.

Always included is the award winning Hostgator service to allow the reseller to focus on content and advertising. Hostgator is also constantly getting greener and now purchases certified renewable energy credits, uses climate friendly and wind power and invests in wind energy to offset server emissions until everyone can make the switch to greener energy sources.