Choosing Your Web Host: HostGator Vs Dreamhost

When comparing web hosts and server manager there are two names that have an established customer base and worldwide recognition for their customer service and support, these companies are HostGator and Dreamhost. So if you’re considering HostGator vs Dreamhost which one is the best candidate for your money?


Both companies offer a variety of service plans and customizable features for each plan. The three main services offer by both are Shared, VPS, and Dedicated Servers.

Shared server plans offer the client an area on a server to operate their domain from. With both companies, the client is offered a variety of cover levels from unlimited domains to single domain sign ups. On any option selected, with either company, the customer is provided with assistance by world-renowned control panels such as cPanel, which provides user-friendly accessibility and unsurpassed levels of operational customizations.

Virtual Private Servers (VPS) are also offered by both companies to clients that need a large area of disk space that can be operated in its own unique set-up. Because this has to operate to its own individual requirements it may not be on a physically separate server, but works independently enough to be regarded as its own server. Both companies offer this service with a variety of customizable features. However, only HostGator is able to offer servers that can function with a Windows operating system.

Dedicated Servers are offered by both HostGator and Dreamhost when clients need a physically separate server for their needs. Again, this is because their needs are specific and require a depth of customization that the two other options cannot offer. For instance, with a dedicated server the client is able to have root access and adjust the operating parameters of the server directly. Like the VPS service, only HostGator can offer servers capable of running Windows operating systems.


Both Dreamhost and HostGator offer multiple methods of getting in touch with them to arrange a service plan or for technical help on a service plan.

Naturally, with both of them being Internet-based companies, there is an email form to get in touch with them, which commonly gains a swift response from either of them. There is also an easy-to-use account manager online and the form to sign up is straightforward and comprehensive in its guidance to help you find the product, which meets your needs.

However, only HostGator offers a telephony contact center, based at their head offices in Dallas, which is open 24/7/365 to offer sales, billing and technical help to their customers.


Where both companies excel is in their discounts for new customers. A brief browse on Internet search engines and you will find dozen s of discount on their web hosting services. HostGator often offers a special promotional code, which allows a single domain to be hosted for $0.01 for the first month.

To summarize, HostGator does offer a few features that Dreamhost currently does not. Things change over time and this playing field may even out over the next few years, but currently both companies can offer the service plans that any client could possibly want.