Learn More about HostGator VPS Hosting

HostGator offers a service for VPS hosting. However, what does that give the client?

Firstly, VPS stands for Virtual Private Server. That means the client is leasing a server from HostGator. This ‘server’ is virtual so it may not necessarily be the same as a physical server; instead, it could be made up from multiple partitioned servers, or a partition on one single server, depending on the scale of the client’s needs. This is essentially cloud hosting because the data is shared across one place, their disk space, which is held across a number of physical drives.

The reason why VPS hosting is a viable option to web-based clients is that problems are taken care of. General maintenance and emergency repairs are taken care of by the company the client is leasing from, in this case – HostGator.

This takes the pressure of IT away from the company who can focus on their products and profit margins. It saves money for the client and reduces the resources they are required to pay for. After all, HostGator has been web hosting for over a decade, so why not trust an established and skilled team of technicians to take care of your data’s storage system.

VPS hosting also gives a degree of freedom in usage that isn’t afforded in standard web hosting or reseller hosting where an area of disk space is rented for your domain or a third parties. If your company is only small and starting up, the opportunity is there to diversify you profit. You can host your own company website and internal email and intranet alongside it, and then separate to that within your VPS server you can advertise domain hosting to clients and earn money as a reseller host.

An attractive feature of VPS hosting is that it allows the client to operate a web site internally and externally for staff and customers. When customers log into the company’s website they are viewing the data off the VPS, and when a staff logs into their intranet to download statistics of sales performance they are accessing the VPS. Both intranet and internet sites are being operated from the VPS but both exist separately. This is cost effective and sensible.

It saves money not having to rent more than one VPS, and because there are skilled HostGator technicians maintaining the server the risk of IT problems are low. The risk of IT problems is so low that HostGator offer a 99.9% uptime guarantee. This guarantee means that access to your server (through the Internet and Intranet) is constant and 24/7/365.

HostGator also offer a telephony contact service, which is available 24/7/365. This can be relating to IT problem when you have been trying to gain root access to your server to make your own changes to the operating specifications of the VPS, but also for enquiries about billing and services. If you feel the company’s requirements have out grown your VPS then you can call HostGator and then can help you negotiate an upgrade.