HostGator Support Lends a Helping Hand Whenever You Need It

HostGator offers a service plan that negotiates its way past the common web host problems to give their customers the best support possible.

Firstly, the products themselves provide generally unparalleled support for the clients. Whether they are using the hosting, reseller or VPS service plan, the products they are signing up to are built to support their needs, whatever they may be.

On the web hosting products, clients are guaranteed a 99.9% uptime so they do not have to worry about the website being offline during peak hours of business (which is 24/7). You also get unlimited bandwidth so there are no restrictions on traffic to your domain. To assist startup businesses, HostGator also provides them with $100 worth of Google Adwords Credit.

For reseller and VPS client, HostGator offers thousands of customizable features such as the web site layout and email creation tools. On VPS specifically, the client is able to decide which control panel out of cPanel and WHM is more suitable for their needs. All these features are offered so that the client can provide their third party users or database of company users with a diverse and rich website and intranet interfaces.

When signing up for dedicated servers with HostGator you are guaranteed maintenance of your servers and included within the deal is complete customization of your servers, as you need them to be. You are given control of the Root Access to the servers and you are not restricted in how you use and customize the hardware to you needs.

Secondly, once you have signed up to HostGator and have bought a service plan with them, even more HostGator support becomes available.

There are video tutorials available to users, whether you need help with startup tasks or assistance with complex server modifications, so that they can make the changes they want to by simply watching and copying.

Based at their offices in Dallas there is also a contact center. The operatives are available to answer questions about products, billing and upgrades 24/7/365. This means if you can’t find the answers anywhere else you can talk to skilled service agents on the phone that have direct understanding of the servers and services that their company is selling.

Once you have an account with HostGator, you can also find help with their ticket service. Requesting a ticket response on a problem gains you a swift reply via email. On that email will be information on rectifying a problem. In addition, if the email cannot solve the problem they will give you advice on contacts for the correct HostGator department for the support they need.

A person’s understanding of IT is not exhaustive. There will be features of certain specialized programs that one technician may not understand. That is why HostGator has multiple operative available to help with their shared knowledge of the products. If the support you need is purely contractual and relating to add-ons, upgrades or billing then a phone call to their operatives will also get you the support you need.

HostGator Windows Hosting Made Simple

Windows hosting requires a specific set of software and programming to perform and work effectively. At times the task can seem too complex, but if you are working with Windows servers or software components HostGator can simplify the process.

HostGator Windows hosting provides all of the tools you need in order to run your e-commerce platform on a Windows based operating system. With all the perks that HostGator already provides, Windows hosting is just as affordable and is safe to use. Start your personal or enterprise plan with HostGator and see how simple it can be to manage your own hosting network or e-commerce website.

HostGator is the premier web hosting service on the Internet, offering unlimited disk space and bandwidth along with free site builders and web templates to get you started. Combine that with affordable pricing and package offers of all sizes with the award-winning 24/7-customer service that HostGator provides and you will be well on your way to transforming your idea into Internet gold.

It all starts with an idea, a product or service. “How can you bring this idea to fruition?” “How can I sell or effectively market this product or service?” The answer is obvious, through web hosting and website building. To effectively manage a website it takes more than just having and idea or product to sell, it take logistics and HostGator hosting is the best way to get started.

For Windows operating systems HostGator can furnish all of the website building and management tools you will need that will be compatible with the needs and requirements of a Windows platform. Your website will be safe and secure while performing at a high level and providing you with profit.

Managing your website is as easy as sitting back and managing your billing, HostGator does the rest. With unlimited disk space and bandwidth and the 24-hour, 7-day a week support that HostGator is known for your questions and concerns will always be attended to. Choose the package that is right for you, whether you are a beginner or e-commerce savvy HostGator can help foster your success.

HostGator is the premier web hosting service provider on the Internet. HostGator eats up the competition not only for its affordable pricing and varying packages that cover all types of platforms and operating systems but for it’s award-winning customer service. HostGator hosting platforms are a great example of the commitment that HostGator has for its customer base.

Providing all the tools required in order to run a web hosting, reseller hosting or VPS hosting platform on a Windows operating system, HostGator still offers the same perks such as unlimited disk space and bandwidth under an affordable package price. The same affordability and service is provided when purchasing a dedicated server plan from HostGator, and you can come to expect this level of service across the board for all HostGator products and services.

Customer service is why HostGator has been named the number one web hosting service on the net. Helping foster your ideas into the reality of a successful web campaign keeps HostGator on top.

HostGator Coupon Codes 2012


There are two types of HostGator coupon codes for 2012.

“HOSTGATOR12” saves you $9.94 on your order. “CHEAP25OFF” saves you 25% on your order.

The $9.94 coupon codes make the “Baby” hosting plan (UNLIMITED Domains, Disk Space, and Bandwidth) only $0.01 for the first month.

The 25% off coupons save you 25% on your total order and are best used if your order total is greater than $40.

These are the coupons we have verified to give you the maximum discount as of :

$9.94 Discount Coupon Codes

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  • cheaphost2012
  • hostgator12
  • 1pennygator
  • gatorbargain
  • cheapogator
  • hostgatorwp

25% Off Coupon Codes

  • cheap25off
  • giantsaver
  • new25discount
  • 25offsaver

Choosing Your Web Host: HostGator Vs Dreamhost

When comparing web hosts and server manager there are two names that have an established customer base and worldwide recognition for their customer service and support, these companies are HostGator and Dreamhost. So if you’re considering HostGator vs Dreamhost which one is the best candidate for your money?


Both companies offer a variety of service plans and customizable features for each plan. The three main services offer by both are Shared, VPS, and Dedicated Servers.

Shared server plans offer the client an area on a server to operate their domain from. With both companies, the client is offered a variety of cover levels from unlimited domains to single domain sign ups. On any option selected, with either company, the customer is provided with assistance by world-renowned control panels such as cPanel, which provides user-friendly accessibility and unsurpassed levels of operational customizations.

Virtual Private Servers (VPS) are also offered by both companies to clients that need a large area of disk space that can be operated in its own unique set-up. Because this has to operate to its own individual requirements it may not be on a physically separate server, but works independently enough to be regarded as its own server. Both companies offer this service with a variety of customizable features. However, only HostGator is able to offer servers that can function with a Windows operating system.

Dedicated Servers are offered by both HostGator and Dreamhost when clients need a physically separate server for their needs. Again, this is because their needs are specific and require a depth of customization that the two other options cannot offer. For instance, with a dedicated server the client is able to have root access and adjust the operating parameters of the server directly. Like the VPS service, only HostGator can offer servers capable of running Windows operating systems.


Both Dreamhost and HostGator offer multiple methods of getting in touch with them to arrange a service plan or for technical help on a service plan.

Naturally, with both of them being Internet-based companies, there is an email form to get in touch with them, which commonly gains a swift response from either of them. There is also an easy-to-use account manager online and the form to sign up is straightforward and comprehensive in its guidance to help you find the product, which meets your needs.

However, only HostGator offers a telephony contact center, based at their head offices in Dallas, which is open 24/7/365 to offer sales, billing and technical help to their customers.


Where both companies excel is in their discounts for new customers. A brief browse on Internet search engines and you will find dozen s of discount on their web hosting services. HostGator often offers a special promotional code, which allows a single domain to be hosted for $0.01 for the first month.

To summarize, HostGator does offer a few features that Dreamhost currently does not. Things change over time and this playing field may even out over the next few years, but currently both companies can offer the service plans that any client could possibly want.

What Is A HostGator Discount Coupon And Where Do You Get Them?

HostGator has become one of the leading web hosting providers by using technology to its advantage and offering a competitive rate on its service plans. This customer-focused approach allows better profits for the company and better deals for the consumer.

As part of the terms and conditions on the coupon codes that you find on the Internet, HostGator make it clear that these discounts are available only for first-time purchases. This means that for the standard program that you’re buying you are able to get a significant saving and, essentially, use their services on a trial-pricing plan. When you come to renewal and the standard price reappears, HostGator’s services should have set your mind at ease to the fact that you are getting enough service for your cash.

The easiest way of finding a HostGator discount coupon or code is through an Internet search engine, such as Google, Bing, or Yahoo. Through trial and error, you will swiftly find a code or coupon that is active and will provide you with a real saving. These reductions can be percentages or actual dollars off the price of your service plan. All you need to do to get the saving is web search and then copy & paste the codes onto your order until one works. If you’re having problems using an active discount coupon you can ring the HostGator sales team and then can help you over the phone.

By giving these discounts, HostGator’s customer service aim is to give the consumer a chance to pay a preferential rate to try and buy when the renewal period arrives because at that point the service will have silenced all their doubts.

HostGator offers three level of coverage: Hatchling, Baby, and Swamp. Hatchling is the smallest cover offering hosting facilities for one domain, whilst both Baby and Swamp offer unlimited domain hosting potential. All three plans use the same state-of-the-art servers with high-threshold uptimes where domains can be hosted on either Linux or Windows operating systems, the plans are separated by the moderate differences found in the levels of customization for all three.

If you feel at any time during your contract that the degree of control you have is too limited for your needs then the choice over which level of cover is still available to you. After selecting the level of service you want during the initial contract agreement, the customer is still able to call the sales personnel at HostGator (Advisors that are based in Dallas with the servers) and they can give expert advice on which cover would meet your needs and the payment plans available. If you ask nice enough, sometimes there are even savings that can be added for valued customers.

HostGator offer many ways of saving money and hosting websites. The degree of customization and level of performance on offer can make the deals available unrivalled on the market. If you wanted to take advantage of saving money on HostGator’s services the simplest way to do so is a Google search.

HostGator Discounts All Across the Internet

The choice is simple. If you are interested in starting up an e-commerce web site, or are getting involved in web hosting, then HostGator is the ultimate. Current HostGator discounts are available online across the Internet to save you on the already affordable and award winning web hosting service of a premier destination like HostGator.

HostGator covers your e-commerce needs completely with packages that range from start-ups to well-oiled enterprises. Choose a package that is right for your needs and get unlimited disk space bandwidth and domain names along with unparalleled customer service from an industry leader. HostGator manages the time and space; you merely manage your bill outs.

HostGator is compatible with tons of operating platforms such as Linux and Windows based systems along with open-source content management systems like Drupal and Joomla. For your e-commerce needs there can be no other choice than HostGator and with a bevy of discount deals available online, now is the time to get started putting our ideas in motion.

Partner with a trusted leader in web hosting by coming aboard HostGator for your e-commerce website needs. HostGator has been serving Internet entrepreneurs for 10 years and continues to eat up the competition for service, options and affordability. Now, with a variety of discounts to be found on the Internet, the award-winning web service is even more affordable.

HostGator can furnish the ideal web hosting or dedicated server package for any aspiring start-up or bona fide web business. With top of the line features and a variety of packages and platforms to choose from HostGator can get you up and running and billing out in no time. By referring your friends or associates to HostGator you can join the HostGator affiliate program and boost your earnings.

Discounts include deals on monthly pricing, website transferring fees and deals on HostGator compatible platforms. Bring your e-commerce idea to fruition and save while you develop your business. HostGator brings the e-commerce to you while discounts on the web’s premier web hosting service help you save.

HostGator has been building ideas into Internet reality for scores of entrepreneurs for 10 years. If you have an idea or plan that you think can make for good e-commerce trust the professionals at HostGator to get your though online and operating fast.

HostGator is the premier web hosting company on the net. Sporting tons of package options in which to choose from along with platforms that are compatible for any operating system or content management system HostGator can help you develop and manage your website to perform to exceed it expectations. Every package offers standard features such as unlimited disk space, speed and domains along with free site building tools so you can create an original site that will attract traffic.

Signing up with HostGator can save you money on monthly fees, website transfer fees or simply upgrade packages. All inclusive is the 24-7/365 days a year award-winning customer service from HostGator that promises 99% uptime for site to ensure top performance. Grab a discount offer today and get start building your Internet dream.

Understanding the HostGator Control Panel

HostGator uses a number of different control panels for its various product options available to the customer.

Web Hosting Control Panels

The first product available to the consumer is web hosting directly through HostGator. This is where HostGator offers server space for a professional or business to open a website on the Internet. The rates are preferential to each customer’s needs and all come with the same call center support and uptime guarantees.

All web hosting packages use cPanel as their HostGator control panel. This is could be viewed very favorably for the users because cPanel is an industry wide standard for website management interfaces. It offers a comprehensive level of customization and an easy add-on installation process. By using cPanel, it’s user-friendly interface assist the user in creating less coding and format errors so that the website run smoothly for customers.

Among the add-ons available for installation on cPanel are packs that allow the administrator access into web traffic statistics and server faculties to monitor website performance.

Reseller Control Panels

Reseller web hosting is made available by HostGator to business who need server space that they can sell off to third parties as their own product. This allows cost-effective business by limiting the cost of server ownership and maintenance but also gives you the flexibility of buying more server space as you need it.

Because space is sold off to a variety of professionals and businesses, the control panel used by HostGator meets the needs of the client by allowing customization and control over their server area. The control panel also allows complex control of server space separation between each different domain and company buying the space as third party. For each of these third party buyers the domain aspects and email creation can be controlled on the WHM control panel operated by the reseller.

VPS Control Panels

Virtual Private Servers (VPS) are also offered by HostGator to clients who have more specialized needs with their server space. Again, like the reseller option, the cost of operations is reduced by not having to pay for maintenance or server ownership. However, clients may need their own server area for web hosting personally, reselling server space, or using it for internal company intranet pages.

Because of this diversity in client needs and third party client needs the control panel used for VPS clients is Plesk. This offers the management needs required in all aspects of server space control.

What Is Offered On All Services

Alongside the depth of control awarded to the client by the use of WHM cPanel and Plesk for their data, account, domain, and server management HostGator also offers support for IT and contract problems.

If the VPS server size needs to be upgraded that is not a problem, just call the support call center. If there is a problem with the uptime being recorded on your cPanel statistics, just call the call center.

With a 99.9% uptime guarantee and dozens of upgrade and downgrade options available to the client. The 24/7 call center will be able to help, with active understanding of their products because there are based at the head office in Dallas.

Finding the Facts in HostGator Reviews

There are dozens of HostGator reviews on the Internet. Often their information matches up but sometimes there is conflicting information about the domain and server host. So what are the facts?

What Do They Offer?

There are four services offered by HostGator.

Web hosting is the widest used of their services and allows businesses or professionals get their website online by having their domain hosted by HostGator. This means they can focus on their products, the design of the website and driving traffic to the website instead of stressing about server maintenance or how their domain is being hosted. There are three different plans available (Hatchling, Baby, and Swamp) and each allows a different size of coverage allowing the client to choose a plan closest to their needs.

Reseller hosting is a popular service where companies buy server space from HostGator and sell it off in portions to third parties. This is a lucrative option for the reseller client because they only have to worry about maintaining the relationship with their third party users. HostGator offer the server maintenance as part of this plan too, assisting the ease of business for resellers.

The VPS package is where a client can set up a Virtual Private Server on a HostGator Server. For all intents and purposes they is individual disk space on a server that the client can use to web host, operate as a reseller, or use as hosting space for a company’s internal email network and intranet.

Finally, HostGator are able to offer dedicated servers for companies who need not just storage area but direct access to the root code and have the control over what operating systems and control panels are active on their server.

Whatever package and service plan the client opts for, HostGator gives the guarantee of maintenance and 99.9% uptime on the servers. This gives peace of mind to the client, as they know their site and server space will be operational 24/7/365.

The servers that HostGator use are state-of-the-art in terms of cooling, storage capabilities, and processing performance. Whatever package you chose you can be certain that the hardware you are placing your data on is maintained to reach is optimized level of performance.

How Do They Offer It?

To sign up to a HostGator service couldn’t be easier. You can sign up either online or on the phone. Either way the support for choosing the right plan is available to you whichever way you choose.

Once you’re signed up to the service plan then the support doesn’t stop there. If during your contract with them, you find that more disk space or domain allowance is needed then you can call up or log into your account and request more by upgrading your contract.

When you first sign up you have to choose one plan from a dozen options so the ability to change your mind midway through the coverage is reassuringly easy.

This is what HostGator can offer a company or professional who makes their living through the Internet.

HostGator Drupal Hosting Now Available

Get the award-winning customer service over a wide array of web hosting packages on an open source content management system platform. HostGator Drupal hosting provides you with the tools and services that will allow you to grow your web hosting or e-commerce businesses beyond their current platforms.

Drupal is ideal for e-commerce enterprises or just small niche blogs. With the power of HostGator behind you your Drupal platform can be more successful. HostGator provides unlimited memory and Internet speed to go along with free site builders and other streamlining features that allow you to take your e-commerce enterprise to the next level.

For Drupal the community is the thing, and for HostGator the customer and the dream is what comes together with reality. Installation of Drupal through HostGator is simple and you’ll be up and running in no time using this outstanding portal to grow your ideas and making them into e-commerce reality. Whether you are a blog writer or an enterprising entrepreneur looking to advance, HostGator web hosting with Drupal is your ticket.

Content management systems or CMS have been developed to provide a one-stop for shared data space to be contributed and stored. CMS data can be just about anything creative or useful such as documents, movies, or blogs. Ideal for revising without duplication CMS platforms have become a great way to enterprise blog writing or hosting services.

In this vein, HostGator hosting is one of the premier ways to combine the disk space and bandwidth capabilities with a premier hosting company with the innovative features in a CMS platform. Drupal is easy to use and through HostGator easy to install for hosting purposes. Already community driven Drupal enterprise platforms 0nly stand to benefit from the capabilities of HostGator services and the backing of customer support that is second to none.

HostGator has fostered web, reseller, and VPS hosting for the better part of 10 years offering the type of opportunity and service that boosts any platform. Extend your platform beyond its means with the help of HostGator web hosting.

Behind every great e-commerce or hosting opportunity is the portal and platform that make it great. With Drupal hosting you get the power of experience and exemplary service with supreme web functionality of a premier content management system.

HostGator provides the tools of the trade for any aspiring web marketer, hosting service or affiliate. With packages that satisfy the most humble of projects to full-fledged enterprises, HostGator can upgrade any e-commerce platform to perform to the highest expectations. Combined with the open-source and free CMS functionality of Drupal, HostGator makes it even easier to succeed.

Installation of Drupal is quick under the HostGator hosting platform allowing you to get started immediately choosing a hosting method or server hook-up that will function as your e-commerce home. Equipped with all the unlimited memory, domain and bandwidth features along with the website building tools HostGator can manage your website flawlessly while you bill and collect. With 99.9 % percent uptime and an unparalleled customer support team, you can’t lose.

GoDaddy Coupon – GoDaddy Promo Code 2012

$1.99 Hosting
$7.49 .COM registration
$12.99 SSL Certs

Using Go Daddy Coupons to Reduce Your Online Costs

Small businesses need to be online if they want to be competitive. More and more people that are unfamiliar with computers will be trying to find their way into cyberspace in the coming years. Web hosting services can be very expensive and no business has money to waste so finding good value for an investment in their online requirements is important. Fortunately it is possible to save a lot of money by being shrewd about where you spend it. Go Daddy is a very cost effective web host supplier which can be even cheaper to use if you take the time to get a few GoDaddy coupon codes before you start

GoDaddy offers a complete range of online services from supplying domain names through to full web hosting packages. This makes it a convenient way to set up a website for any purpose at a very affordable rate. Even though GoDaddy prices are already so good, it is possible to save even more by using the GoDaddy Coupons that are available, which offer sizeable discounts on the prices of most, if not all, of GoDaddy’s internet products.

These coupons, just like all other online coupons, give the customer a Go Daddy promo code that is used on the site to claim the discount. There are many places online where it is possible to find Go Daddy Coupons but they are often out of date or don’t work for other reasons. For this reason, it is best to subscribe to Go Daddy to get them directly from the website itself. This will mean that you will know what all of the GoDaddy promo codes that you get are for and that they will work when you get to the checkout with your order.

With the average price of a .com domain name being as much as $12.99 on many sites, using one of the coupons from GoDaddy to claim a cheap domain can bring the price down to as low as $5.99, cutting the cost of buying a domain in half. Often, businesses will want to buy several domains to cover the products and services that they provide and just this discount can save a lot of money on set up costs when developing an online presence. It can also be good to buy all of the different domain extensions for your business name to make sure that you remain at the top of the search engines. Using coupons to bulk-buy domains can save a lot of money, especially as a number of the lesser used domains and local domains can cost quite a lot more than a simple .com or .net can cost.

The real value in the GoDaddy promo code discounts come when it is applied to the more expensive services such as the Virtual Data Center, which gives clients access to cloud servers that facilitate easier sharing of files and applications on mobile devices while away from their office. Some internet companies will charge thousands to set up a file sharing system like this but by using coupons from GoDaddy to claim a discount it is possible to use these services for as little as $75 or so a month. This makes them really affordable for smaller businesses and gives them access to the same sort of facilities that the biggest corporations are using to share their data at the moment.

For most people, once they have their cheap domain name they will also want to invest in some web hosting services. Coupons that offer significant savings can save customers as much as 20% off of a standard web hosting account. GoDaddy already offers some of the cheapest web hosting deals to be found at the moment and have recently moved to 4G so they are not only cheap but have the fastest download speeds available. Using a promo code from GoDaddy to secure a cheaper deal on hosting for your website can amount to a savings of over $60. Coupled with a big discount on the purchase of domain names and other services this can add up to hundreds of dollars very easily.

One area that coupons from GoDaddy can really save a lot of money is on web design services, which can be very expensive. Many web designers will charge thousands for a simple web page for a business and because most people aren’t computer savvy enough to do the design work for themselves they are at their mercy. Web hosting is GoDaddy’s premium online service and they offer a complete package for $90 a month that is all inclusive. It comes with all of the graphics and content as well as ongoing updates and everything else that is needed to maintain your online presence. Go Daddy Promo codes that offer as much as 30% discount can be used in conjunction with their already inexpensive web hosting services to save hundreds of dollars a year on the service.

Given the importance of internet marketing to businesses now, it can be costing your business money not to be online, so getting a webpage out there should be a priority. If like most of us money is tight, cutting costs by taking advantage of discount coupons can be a great way of starting to develop an online profile that allows you to stay in the market with even your biggest competitors. Obviously the most cost effective way to develop a web presence is to do the work yourself and many people can, but for those that can’t, being able to use GoDaddy promos codes to claim discounts on otherwise expensive services can be the difference between being able to afford them and having to put them off. This makes it worth the small amount of time that it takes to find the Go Daddy coupon promo codes that you will need to get the best web hosting and domain name prices possible and will make the already affordable avenue of online marketing even more cost effective for any business.