What Do You Get with HostGator Dedicated Servers?

When web hosting and virtual private servers are not adequate for a client’s needs, a solution is often found in the form of a private dedicated server.

A dedicated server is where a client exclusively leases a physical server. Rather than using the method employed by virtual private servers where the data is stored across a number of different servers but held within a combined and unified virtual storage area, dedicated servers are literally physical servers used solely by the client.

The first positive aspect of this is the level of ownership that is gained over the server. Although you are only leasing the server for use, you do have full root access to the servers allowing you to manipulate and adjust the operating environment to suit your own specific needs. Crucially, this means if you require partitions on the server that run Linux or Windows operating systems independently, you can. This opens up avenues of operation and customization on each operating system that is not available on either web hosting or VPS hosting.

Using HostGator dedicated servers also means direct access to these servers. Even though you have rented the server, you get it delivered to your office within 48 hours of your order. This means access can be virtual through the internet or physical by directly connecting to a port on the server. Again, this is cost effective by having direct access for your IT workers to do their job without having to work around any network restrictions that may already be in place.

Because HostGator maintains its servers, the client is able to focus on the requirements of their company. If the deal in reselling web space, they can do so. If they are a web-based company, they can set up an intranet for its employees, an email system and the external domains, which are accessed by the customers. This is manageable because the client has direct access to the servers root code and can manipulate its operations how they see fit. Therefore, if the company database from intranet and internet needs to be built on a Linux operating system, and at the same time if a third party client wants them to resell server space on a Windows operating system they can do so. The Plesk control panel is fully capable of meeting with the client’s needs.

All these features are combined with an exhaustive supply of HostGator support. They have technicians that can provide expert advice of server operation and process modification issues. There is also a telephony contact center, which is open 24/7/365 at their head offices in Dallas.

By calling one of the advisors, you will be able to get help on billing, upgrades, and technical problems. If you need to change you payment plan, upgrade your service to incorporate another server of the same or different specifications you can simply call and get the help you need. However, if there are problems on your server, a brief call to the technical helpers and the problems should be solved.s